CREATIVITY is my passion whether SPEAKING about it, TEACHING it or CONSULTING for innovative solutions to strategize, explore and reveal an Ah-hah! moment.      I believe in The Formula:  Your Vision + Your Situation =  Your Creative Solution.    I help you to translate YOUR vision and YOUR ideas into tangible results and revenue opportunities in experiential design.

Dianne Devitt is your organization’s or association’s secret weapon to help you SEE ways to impact customer experience using your products, services, sponsors and events.


As an experience strategist, I work with sensory elements – what you see, hear, touch, smell and taste and the impact on reaction, response and retention  using a step-by-step strategy working with your existing format  – or creating a new one.

It’s not about being creative – it is about knowing how and when to implement a creative concept for impact.

“ You are such an engaging speaker and you imparted so much valuable information.  We all appreciated an inside look at what it takes to create a seamless experience.”

“Thank you for steering the ship as our panel facilitator.  You extracted the most of each member which is an art and you are so talented at it”

“Your keynote inspired our afternoon meeting to change its’ direction.”

“Your creativity sometimes leaves me wordless.  You consistently bring a level of creativity and energy that is limitless”

“I wanted to thank you on behalf of the Consumer Event Council for your …insight relative to being an industry disruptor.”


What Color is Your Event?
The Industry Resource on How to Think and Plan Creatively.

From Inspiration to Execution, What Color is Your Event: The Industry Resource on How to Think and Plan Creatively, is a resource to guide you with strategies, examples and tools that will change the way you design meetings, events and any activation. The book is intended to be kept on your desk to stimulate creative thinking and solutions that demonstrate the power and future of the live event as a medium for communication, increased profits and successful return. As a Course Book for students and educators, this book teaches and exemplifies the same concepts as advertising and public relations in the importance of emotional responses and engagement required for all deliberately planned experiences.

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